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Well let me first start out by saying I am not a Doctor so I can not give you a diagnosis. But I can tell you this "Most' Anxiety disorders work hand in hand with depression. Meaning some may have an anxiety disorder, but it doesn't create or trigger depression while others may become very depressed with living with anxiety, and the same for depression someone may be depressed but don't have an anxiety disorders. You mentioned your problems around people that sounds to me like some sort of Social Phobia, you then mention that you have trouble falling asleep and you obsess about thoughts that are negative this could mean you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder along with your social phobia. Which isn't uncommon~ meaning you can have two different types of anxiety disorders at the same time..
Now thinking about your parents dying and "negative" thoughts about how you are going to feel when this happens is you projecting your fears into reality. Almost everyone fears death and fear of loosing a loved one,
some more than others, but your anxiety is creating you to live in these fears now, before they even happen which is unhealthy and can and will cause anyone to feel sad and anxious because you are greaving a loss of your parents that hasn't even happened. You need to talk to your parents, see a doctor get a diagnosis and hopefully find a good therapist that could help you through the root of the cause. To answer you next question most anxiety medications in the SSRI family meaning anti~depressants treat of course depression as well as most anxiety disorders.. Your FIRST step is to talk to your parents, tell them how you feel.. Isolating yourself in your room will only make the anxiety worse and create more of a depression You need to address these feelings because they are REAL!!! and remember your not alone, there are so many others here on this board that are feeling the way you feel! Good Luck Boxerlover227

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