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I know that I have 1 of these, but I'm not sure how it's classified. I get very nervous and insecure in most social situations, not like a normal shy person though. Actually, when I go to class I have to wear at least 2 layers of shirts because I sweat A LOT when I am around others. The more people there are, the heavier I sweat. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, to the point where I go to bed at 1AM and don't fall asleep until 5AM, and wake up constantly. I also have recurrent dreams where my hair is falling out, my acne gets bad and everyone talks about it, and other very stressful dreams. Sometimes my heart just starts racing, even when I'm just sitting down. I worry constantly about EVERYTHING, almost to the point of obsessiveness. That is definitely at least partly why I can't sleep at night.

Here's where it seems like I veer towards depression too. I just get so down in the dumps sometimes and feel like my life is going nowhere. I have sad thoughts when I worry about when my parents are going to die and how devastated I'll be (I'm 19 years old btw). I try my best to avoid contact with people and sit in my room instead of going out because I'm so worried about looking like a fool. I'm a perfectionist, but at the same time I put things off because I feel so unmotivated. Even when I found out that there were girls in my hall that are attracted to me, I just couldn't accept that and now I avoid them as much as possible and worry that they'll see me when my acne looks bad. There's like 1000 other things that are constantly going through my head and I'm not sure what to do. I don't think I can take these feelings much longer so I'm probably going to see a doctor when I get the courage.

My question is: What do I have, Depression? Anxiety? Both? Also, what do you think I should do about it, especially medication-wise? Is there different treatments for Depression and Anxiety? Any insights would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.

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