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Long term xanax use
Oct 26, 2006
I've been on .25 mil xanax three times perday for four months. I have had increased anxiety attacks, so now, for the past two days, I've been on .5 mil xanax twice daily and one at night for four months. Anyone doing this have trouble breathing when becoming active? Can you work a physically demanding job? What are the positives and negatives? Any muscle weakness, escpecially arms? I mainly seem to get out of breath easily, and when this occurs, sometimes my bp goes up to 150ish over 100-120. Any advice or experience about long term xanax use would be helpful. I have severe anxiety and plan on being on it for a while. Thanks.

I don't take Xanax anymore..because I don't have panic/anxiety problems...but when I did take it I took .25 MG twice a day everyday for 7 years.

I never had any trouble breathing at all.

I didn't work outside the home, but I have four kids and I'd say that's pretty physically demanding job and I was much better able to deal with everything.
I wasn't scared all the time that I was going to have an attack.

I had no negatives at all with the Xanax...I was tired for maybe the first day and then after that I was fine.

I had no muscle weakness either and my BP which has always been on the low side...except in the Dr.'s office:) didn't change.

Some people say that they felt a difference in the Brand name and Generic Xanax...maybe that could be the problem....for me it made no difference at all...I started out on Brand name and switched to Generic and for me it worked exactly the same.

This is just my experiance with Xanax...but everyone reacts differently to any medication.

If you have concerns about how you are feeling the best advice I can give you is to talk to your Dr.
Your breathing trouble is the anxiety itself. when i get anxious i can't do any intense work without feeling like can't breathe. But on a good day i can lift,move,tear or stack anything.
I am taking 2 mg now for panic and anxiety up from a starting dose of 1 mg per day. Anyway, at first I was a little drowsy and every time you increase the amount you will find the same reaction. Anyway, it has worked wonders for me and I am going to the gym working out 4 times a week for up to 2 hours. I am winded, but I attribute it more to the exercise than the drugs. The winded feeling and increased heart rate can increase anxiety for anyone, so that is probably your problem.

I would talk to your doctor about increasing your dose since you are on a very very low dose and spread that amount over 4 individual doses. This helps because Xanax is short acting in a lot of people. Some people have a slower metabolism, but for me Xanax is gone in a few hours.

Xanax XR is another option if you don't want to take some many pills. I am on it now. They claim it works for 24 hours, but that is BS. It lasts about 8 hours, so I can take a pill in the morning and one after dinner and I am fine. Keep exercising and being active. That is great for you and see if you can up your dose a little.

I am an engineer and have no problems functioning at work, so I would not worry about it too much. Give it a shot and see if it works. I also think it is great that you are going into this with the thought that this will be long term. Anxiety dissorders are long term, and meds will only help you live a fuller life.

Good luck.
Thanks for the info. My former doctor told me that he could not prescribe xanax for more than a couple of months and to get it long-term, I would have to have a perscription from a psychiatrist. Anyone know if this is true? I am about to ask my new doctor for my second script.
My GP just gave me another perscription for 3 more months. I only take .25mg when needed. I do go to see a therapist and she has helped me a lot. After finding my stressors and how to handle them I haven't had to take xanax on a regular basis. Have you tried even seeing a social worker to help with your anxiety. I would definately try it if you haven't.
My GP seemed to not question my need for xanax once I was seeing a therapist. Plus with the exercise and a healthy diet in the future hopefully there will be no more need for the drugs.

good luck,
thats true most regular MD's don't want to prescribe it long term and want you to see pshyciatrist. Not a big deal. I have taken it for probably six years, have no bad side effects. Works great. I think alot of times we hear these bad storys about xanax or any other drug because people start abusing it, not taking what the dosage is suppose to be. Then sometimes people drink with it etc. - Then it makes it hard on everyone who is taking it properly.
I had breathing trouble during heavy esertion when I was on xanax. But while you are on the .25 or .5 pills I was on 8-12mg's worth of pills every day.

Not all symptoms hit all people, just like not all side effects bother all people. And then there can be undocmented side effects (such as the problem with breathing) that might affect one person but not another.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I to experienced hard breathing, both when physically doing things as well as sometimes just sitting on the sofa in the lounge. But please keep in mind that my dose was something over 30+ of your normal daily dosage, and since I dont know how hard your breathing problem is I can't comment on that, for me at the time, it wasn't overly excessive but it was most assuredly noticible.

I was never a doctor person, until I found my current doctor pill (that's the name we give him in my household because almost all cures that he gives out has to do with pills of one sort or anohter) but now I have finally found that the doctor can help me if I help him and be completely truthfull with him so that he knows exactly what you are taking, and when, and why you feel the need to. I now completely trust my doctor and he trusts me to come to him if I have an issue like needing to take more medication for it to be effective. But the best thing you can do is to consult him and get his experience and try to figure out what could cause any flareups or if the flareups are so much more severe now that he needs to double or tripple your dose or change your prescription to something else alltogether.

Good Luck,

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