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Celexa for anxiety
Oct 26, 2006
I have been given Celexa for anxiety is this common? I Celexa know to increase anxiety? I took it for a month or so and got up to 40 mg then winged my self off of it I was good for a few weeks and them began to cry and freak out again does any one know the common with draw effects and how long they last? I seemed to have nasal drip and congestion when I was on it and some small red dots on my body. I swore that they started to go away when I stopped but my doctor said that they were not caused by the med. I have been on 20 mg for two weeks and I swear I am seeing more red dots and I seem to have nasal drip and congestion and my blood presser is 140 can this med cause high blood pressure I am not sure if it is from the high level of anxiety. Does any one know how this medication typically should make you see and how do you know if itís working and how long does it take. I am a freak when it comes to meds and the side effects freak me out so not sure how the meds are going to help when I freak out about simply taking them. I am new to anxiety and unsure how or why it happened to me one day in May I started freaking out about medical stuff and worrying about my life I have become a hypochondriac. I try not to think about stuff but I just cant stop its funny I worry about my health but all this is not helping it any. Every day is so hard to deal with and I do not sleep each day is a struggle. I have seen a therapist but they tell me stuff that is common since like stay off the Internet keep busy. I do but as I am writing this message you can see it is not effective enough.:(

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