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I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. Starting in September I started having bad burning in my arms and numbness. Then my legs started jumping at night. Then it all went away for about a week and then I woke up with some kind of muscle spasms, "jerks"( the neurologist called them myloclonic seisures) that were nonstop. They lasted for 5 hours until all the valum and morphine that the ER gave me made them stop. After the meds wore off though I had them sparatically for 10 days.

The ER Dr. told me my blood work was fine and that it might be physcosimatic and to ask my Dr. for an recommendation to a physcologist.

Well, my Dr. had already refered me to a neurologist and to made a long story short all my tests came back fine but I had elevated White Blood count in my spinal cord. Then he refers back to my anxiety:mad: I am so frusterated because I do not think that it is my anxiety and in the last 9 months I have had several blood tests come back "just a little elevated". Then instead of giving me answers they blame the anxiety. WHen I am extremely anxious though, breaking out in hives and crying, (when the doctor told me it was anxiety) I didn't have any "jerks", then when I am the most relaxed, hot baths, during sleep.... I would have symptoms.

If anyone has any suggestions please help. I am not having any symptoms now and haven't in 4 days. I would still like to know if I am loosing my mind though. Thanks tanda156

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