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I read somewhere that alot of people that have muscle twitches also get little buzzing sensations, or maybe a tickly, tingly feeling when there muscles are tensed and they are trying to relax. Does anyone have this. I sometimes get muscle twitches, but sometimes its not twitches, it will be a kinda tickly, crawling sensation, or a buzz, where the twitches were previously. I never experience numbness, which I guess is a good sign, just these weird feelings like someone injected something cold in to my vein and its cold for a second, or the buzzing, or tickly feeling when clothes touch a certain area, it sounds weird, I have all had all sorts of test done, and everything is normal. My doc feels that this is from anxiety, and the muscle twitches are just replacesd by these other odd feelings. Any thoughts!!!!:eek:
Yes I've had that type of feeling. I get a lot of muscle tension and have a lot of different symptoms. It all seems to be anxiety related.

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