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Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with symptoms for 3 yrs but they occur in "flare ups"

I have had 2 flare ups of these symptoms that each lasted for about 4 months.

My Family Dr. thinks that it is MS and I acually went to a MS clinc.But they told me that without a positive MRI that it cannot be confirmed.

So I went to a Movement Disorder Specialist and he is the one who basicly looked at my records and told me that I should see a counselor because I am probley depressed. :confused:

I told him ok and left very confused and called my Family Dr. who acually thought I was joking.I told her no,that's what he told me.

My question is.Could all these symptoms be Anxiety?Can you have symptoms even if you have nothing to be anxious about?

The 1st flare up of symptoms that I had were

balance problems/lightheadedness
pins & needles in hands and feet
numbness in bottom of feet,right ear only and fingertips
spasity in arms and legs
trouble with my walking (cement legs)
memory problems
muscle spasms in and around left eye
burning in legs,thighs

These symptoms were constant for about 4 months.Then they went away except for the fatigue.

3 yrs go by and I get another round of symptoms in May of this year.

tremors - worse now and include whole body
balance problems/lightheadedness
pins & needles in hands and feet
numbness in hands,feet,whole side of left face from below eye down to chin including lips
vision problems -including pain in left eye and problems reading (words would shake)blurry vision
trouble walking including drop foot
burning every day in my feet for a month - comes and go's in my legs,hip,back of neck,lower back
problems with shortness of breath
memory problems - reversing letters
weird sensations like something crawling on me or itching
my arms and legs will not do what I am trying to get them to do

These symptoms started to go away around Augest of this year but not all the symptoms went away.

Every day I still have
balance problems
right ear goes numb
burning in lower back,feet,back of neck,hip
numbness in fingertips

I also notice that hot baths make the tremors and pins and needles worse

Both me and my family dr are stumped.From my family drs exam she said there is something going on.But this MDS that I saw last week is basicly going on some other drs notes that I saw from 3 yrs before.He didn't even want to hear about all the symptoms that I am having now :rolleyes:

Can anyone shed some light on this?

These symptoms are interfering with my work and the lightheadedness gets so bad sometimes that I have to use a cane to just make sure that I go in a straight line

If this is anxiety then I will acually be happy because I have been trying to find out for a long time what this is so it can be treated so I can go on with my life.

Thank you everyone :)


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