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Klonopin is not specifically for anxiety or panic disorder and causes many more side effects than xanax. I felt like a zombie when on it and couldn't function.

Good luck!
I can only speak from my own experiances.I do not know weather or not klonopin is the strongest but I do know I took it twice a day for two years and it worked major wonders for me.I was in a bad bad anxiety funk for months ten minutes after taking the first klonopin pill I felt at total ease.I was fatigued at times from klonopin though.I took Ativan did'nt do much at all for me.I have never taken Xanax or any others so I don't know about those.
[QUOTE=nuttygirl]I felt like a zombie when on it and couldn't function.
Tori[/QUOTE]That's why I like it, it's more sedating and it DOES help anxiety more than Xanax, I've taken the maximum dose of Xanax and it does come close but not quite as strong. I take 4mgs of Klonopin a day and that's a lot according to the different psychiatrists I've seen and it's still not enough for me, I WANT 8 OR EVEN 10 MGS A DAY AND NO PSYCHIATRIST WILL LISTEN TO ME ARRRGH!!! I gotta nursing drug handbook I read up on about different prescriptions and the maximum dose of Klonopin you can take (if you're manic) is 16mgs!!....DAMN I'd kill to have that much a day. That's how bad my social anxiety disorder is.
Klonopin: My doctor recently switched me from 1mg Xanax 4 times daily to 1 mg klonopin 2 times daily. Well, I started taking the klonopin, and it had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.

I went back to taking my xanax. I have major back issues (chronic pain) and I find that the xanax also works as a muscle relaxor for me, and actually works better than vicodine when I take 2 or 3 mg at a time (which my doc doesn't like me doing) but I don't see why it is so bad if it is helping my back pain. Thats why I have my anxiety most of the time, because I live in chronic pain and my future looks grim to me!

I just called recently for a refill on my xanax, and they said no-"patient is on clonazepam" even tho I explained why I went back to taking the xanax. So I am super pissed and really need to vent. I am sick of living in pain and fear all the time.

I am sick of always calling my doctor for more vicodine. I think she just thinks I am a pill junkie. But I am not. Xanax and vicodine are the only things right now keeping me from going off the deep end. It's the only way I can live any sort of life.

Just needed to vent.:dizzy:

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