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I have GAD and PMDD oh and twin boys that are 3, i have had this sice my boys were born. I have been seeing my psyc dr for about 2 yrs and was on Paxil CR and Klonopin. I have been off both of them for a month today. However i have been having CRAZY anxiety, my heart palpitations are REALLY freaking me out. So, my Dr prescribed xanax 0.5mg twice a day and it does nothing for me. I Know i need a higher dose but she too is against the benzo family meds. I do not want to live with this for the rest of my life! I know you all feel the same. I am trying EVERYTHING under the sun to help with the constant worring and anxiety but it is not enouph. I am taking a high B complex using lavender in everything (i even grew a lavender plant). I just wish i could find a dr that understands that this is not a way to live.
I got off the Paxil CR because i had NO sex drive and my poor husband was suffering as i was too. Now i can feel from my waist down and will not take another anti-depressant. It is so frustrating.
Today while my boys are napping i am trying to find a Dr. I just don't no if i should go to a male or female. I struck out with both in the past. I feel just as lost.
Best of luck, you are not alone.
I am also wondering if i am not expressing myself correctly to the Dr. ahhhhhhhhh i feel like screaming.

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