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Re: Pain/Anxiety
Nov 2, 2006
Major aches and pains is the order of the day for me. My anxiety is health related. I can deal with pretty much anything else that life throws at me but I can't control the worry when it comes to my health. It all started with a minor stomach pain which for whatever reason I convinced myself had to be cancer. I've had tons of aches and pains over my life and why this one got to me I don't know. If that makes me a hypochondriac I'm not sure.

When I think about all the other ailments I have right now they all started after I got scared about this stomach pain. My arms,legs,chest,back,neck all hurt now. It doesn't keep me from doing anything it is just a constant ache. I'm sure it's just the muscle tension that goes along with anxiety. If I read through the list of symptoms listed at the top of this board I have nothing that isn't listed there. I just can't kick the what if questions out of my mind. That's what the demons of anxiety do to us. When my mind is not occupied with something else I can feel my insides just churning with that on edge feeling that something disastrous is wrong with me.

I have went on meds twice and felt pretty well. I am currently off trying to make a go of it. I'm not feeling real confident about things right now. Recently I've had a couple episodes of heart palpitations so I am of course now convinced I'm going to have a heart attack at any moment. Heart palpitations are of course a symptom of anxiety.

Good luck and don't give up

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