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Yup I have a sore stiff neck, and headaches (tension headaches) everyday!
I also have TMJ and all my trigger points are sore... :dizzy:
I sometimes think it is related to the tmj or inner ear related..
Somedays are better then others, but my symptoms are always there.. 24/7
I've fairly new to all this dizzy stuff, but not to the anxiety or headaches. I've suffered panic attacks and anxiety for a while now. I'm always thinking something is just horrifically wrong! But, the last week I've started with the dizzy feeling. Just as boxerlover has described! We've been talking over on the headaches board (it's under the thread chronic tension headaches - very useful information). I've had a lot of stiffness/soreness in my neck lately. I'm thinking that's what's causing some of my dizzy feelings. I went to the doctor this morning and he seems to think it's sinus related. I don't. But, he said call next week if it was no better. We shall see.
It's very comforting to know I'm not alone! I just would like to know though - if anyone has successfully gotten over all this - how did they do it? Maybe someone will be able to tell us at some point b/c I sure would like to know!
Take care!

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