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Have been dealing with the night sweats off and on for quite some time, last night felt like my heart was pounding, not beating right. FREAKED me out ! Today I am at work and just feel totally exhausted/out of it and just want to go home and be alone. SO sick of this ~my first thought this a.m. was drive myself to ER (it's 20 miles away) but was even scared to do that. I am so down !!! Just want to feel good. Please, please anyone, need someone to talk to/that can relate to this. ( I am on low dose premarin, had total hysterectomy in 94 and 59 yrs. old.) Thanks so much.
hi dinney,

it sounds to me like you are having anxiety attacks and maybe a panic disorder. i've had all the symptoms you talked about and more....anxiety can make you feel short of breath, lightheaded, nauseous,like you could die any moment,, it can also make your heart beat a little funny. i thought for years that i had some kind of heart disease and could die at any moment. you can recover from this...i take inderal to help with the heart symptoms and so does my son,,,it works wonders. i suggest that you do go to your doctor and tell him exactly what you said in your post...there are lots of things that can help you and he can point you in the right direction..i've had panic attacks on and off since i was 24 years old and now i'm 54 ....but now i am better able to control them....

write again and i will talk with you if you would like....peace
Thank you Peace1910,I will talk with my doctor about inderal. I am on low dose of xanex now but it helps for just a short time seems like and when I have the sweats/palps they are always worse at night (or I think), feel so alone at night ! Thanks for talking with me, that helps so much ! God Bless ...
I sweat on my face and between my breasts (weird) and it's not like the bed/pj's get wet but a sweat that wakes me up, then the heart thing starts, THEN I get real anxious, then don't sleep well so am EXHAUSTED the next day. The xanex has helped me I know so dont' be afraid to try something mild if it will get you over the hump. You would think that at almost 60 and having had a total hysterctomy in 94 I wouldn't be going through this or you either !
Thanks so much for talking with me tho, it does help to know we aren't alone.
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