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woke up on day and there it was.. That was over 7 years ago. I was sitting at my desk at work and all of a sudden I felt this intense falling sensation.. I thought I was going to pass out but I didn't.. I started to feel panicky and shaky.. Which spiraled into a full blown (panic attack)
My first one.. At the time I didn't know what was happing I thought for sure I was dying.. I went home and still felt extremely off balanced and the anxiousness was there all the time, I spent most of my days just waiting and wondering when it was going to happen again.. which in turn cause me anticipatory anxiety..I created a lot of my panic attacks by worrying.. I thought for the longest time it was a brain tumor, then I thought for sure it was my heart, then MS etc.. I went to many Doctors and specialist, had hundreds of test and no answers.. I started to think I was crazy so I went to a therapist and spend thousands of dollars down that road, just to be told that I have anxiety disorder with panic disorder, and that all my dizziness is making my anxiety 100 times worse. I still don't know which came first the dizziness or the anxiety, but I can totally relate to anyone that tells me their dizziness or off balance feeling intensifies their anxiety.. Because I live a life of this vicious cycle myself!
I still think mine is some how related to my TMJ Disorder, as well as the headaches I suffer from everyday.. I am told that they are tension headaches, but I do know that when I have a headache bad enough, I find it hard to stand without holding on to things because I feel this intense swaying/motion/rocking /falling sensation.. Like I am on a boat in rough seas.. You asked me what has been helpful, well therapy has helped I did feel a lot better getting out my frustrations as well as my fears, Xanax helped a lot with the (vertigo) feelings... It took the edge off but not to the point where I can say it was completely gone.. Just enough to be able to function.. I took a lot of ginger for the nausea when things were really swaying and I would feel sea sick.. that helped a lot. I am now taking magnesium and some calcium 1000 mg a day.. There are many articles claiming that magnesium does wonders for headaches, dizziness, asthma among other disorders..
I do notice a bit of a difference. My headaches are less intense and my (vertigo) is alittle better.. I guess I can't offer you the magic pill you so wish to find.. BUT If I had one or find one I would share, because I know how life altering these feelings can be.. I have had my many shares of struggles just trying to make it through the day It's horrible.. Someday I handle it better then others.. Somedays are more tolerable then others.. But I have a young child and a husband that both need me so I try as hard as I could to lead a "normal life".. I do know that anxiety CAN create these feelings. Anxiety is a very powerful disease.. It can come out in so many different ways, for so many different reasons.. Some feel dizzy some don't, some have sleepless nights, others all they want to do is sleep, some feel panic others never have. So you see anxiety is tricky.. But if all is ruled out to other causes and your Doctor's truly feels it is all anxiety related then yes, there is such a thing as psychological vertigo... See for many years I thought it was all these other illness, but those other illness would Cause sooooo many other symptoms not just vertigo.. So try to tell yourself that.. Do you notice if there is anything that triggers these feelings or are you feeling this way all the time? I notice if I lay down the feeling subsides tremendously is this the same for you? Do you have TMJ problems? Do you notice is something triggers these feelings meaning food, stress, caffeine, lack of sleep Or do you just feel this way all the time? Are there any other symptoms you are experiencing?
I totally can relate to your fears as well as frustrations, As I said before I have been suffering like this for years that there are times I try to remember what it was like living a life without feeling dizzy sometimes it seem like a lifetime ago! But I am still here so that's the good news!
If you have any thoughts questions or just need to talk I am here.. and most of all I truly understand.. It has been a journey for me but I am glad to know that something so horrible and life altering for me has brought comfort and support to so many others.. Your aren't alone by no means..
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