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[QUOTE=isalu]thanks for your reply Leela - do you take any medication for this? Do you find anything other than not thinking about it helps? How long have you been dealing with this horrible sensation? Did it just hit you out of nowhere one day?[/QUOTE]

I take xanax for my anxiety, but that is it. I have tried meclizine and beta blockers, and neither helped. Mine also just hit me out of the blue one day while I was driving to work. That is why I said you are lucky you don't feel dizzy when you drive. After that, it kept happening when I was driving. I went about six months without driving. I have been feeling like this for almost four years and have just developed some coping mechanisms to deal with it. Like I said, I just try not to focus on it. And I don't fight the sensation anymore. I found that trying to fight it made it worse. Nothing bad has ever happened because of it...I have never passed out or fallen or anything.

I have some neck problems and I think that some of this is coming from that. Your eyes, ears and neck all work together to give you balance. I have herniated discs in my neck and I may have some nerve issues. I don't know. I've pretty much given up on doctors since they all pretty much treat me like I'm crazy anyway.

Boxerlover and I have many posts back and forth on this subject. If you do a search by either one of our names you will probably find some interesting reading. :D

(Boxer, my friend, it's been a while...good to hear from you again! I hope all is well.)

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