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i dont know where else to post this but i am having terrible anxiety because of my symptoms and have anxiety disorders (OCD) and social anxiety.

I have OCD and have suffered from depersionalization / derealization for many years. I also might have aspergers or ADHD (not sure which no one seems to know).

I have started to have an.... anxiety / depression type episode lately. I started getting depressed about 3 months ago but it was more of a low grade sadness then major depression. Well about 8 weeks ago i sudenly became VERY depressed. I felt like i couldnt function normal etc. After that i started taking lexapro. I had a very bad reaction to this medication. I started losing time. I wouldnt remember what happend from lunch yesterday untill the day i was in. I became violent and had suicidal thoughts.

A week ago i started getting a headache along with a feeling of pressure and numbnes in my head (it comes and go's usualy worse at night). I have had had problems with memory. It is so bad at times i will get up to go get something and forget what i was going to get. Or a few times i was writting in a web adress and after i wrote www. i forgot what i was going to type in. I have also had a change in awareness. Everything is foggy and cloudy. I seem to have a hard time understanding everything around me and my response time has slowed down. I have lost some sense of spatial distance. I notice this when i try to grab something only to knock it over a little bit.

I know all of these can be symptoms of depression / anxiety or a nervous break down (unscientific term i know). But i also had read taht this could be a delerious state (delerium). This scares me a bit and im not asking for anybody to diagnoss me over the internet but does any of this sound famaliar? Should i be freaking out like i am? Its very hard to have to deal with and i feel so much worn down each day.

I have had a lot of stress lately. My parents are getting divorced. My dad is going to move across the country and sale the house were in. It doesnt happen for 7 months but its a huge factor because every one knows they are seperating and i know and we are all still int he same area pretending nothing is going on. He also wont talk about it so i dont know where my mom, my sister and i will live. The delerious feelings started about a month ago but now they feel more intense and now im having a harder time concentrating or focussing.

Any responses.... anything

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