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Yeah, I've been having anxiety over my heart for 7 years now. Have had the pac's and pvc's, and this last year the heart racing fast with skips. The Dr.'s kept saying it was anxiety attacks, and then finally they caught it on a holter and it wasn't just anxiety attacks, but really svt attacks. Now, which causes which, who knows. Because I do have bad anxiety, before the heart. I think my heart races so fast in an anxiety attack, that it triggers over to the svt, but not sure. So now, I get to deal with a real heart condition, and anxiety. Yay! I will survive tho, what else can we do? Lots of people on here have fast heart rates and skip beats and other things. My chest has been pinching hard, and left arm aching for awhile now, and that is all from anxiety, and NOT my heart. So, it's hard for me as an anxiety sufferer to really know what is real or in my head. Take Care, Michelle

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