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I have had PVC's for over 17 years now, I freaked when I first discovered mine. I have woren a holter monitor 3-4 times now, had EKG's and a echo and it all comes back fine....I was told they once did a study on some army recruits (some of the healthiest people) and half them have PVC's.. My doctor told me alot of people have these it is just that some feel them more then others (and us anxiety people who have sensitive bodies) can feel everything.... When I was going through my divorce I had one almost every minute for a month.. Sometimes they would come 3 at a time and I would just cough and it would be okay...Now I usually just get them around that time of the month.... I don't know if your doctor told you what happens but basically it is a premature heart beat and you don't feel that beat what you feel is the next beat catching up and depending on how long that next beat takes is how much you feel it....My doctor told me I could have 6 of them a minute for days and be okay... Sometimes I feel light headed but I don't let it get to me... they are nothing to make your anxiety worse, trust me.. At first I use to avoid places it happened at, but realized I would go no where if I kept doing that...They say if they get bad to take a walk because increasing your heart rate gets rid of them....Hope this helps you!!!!!!

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