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Hi Rachel,
I have just finished a bout of the lump in the throat syndrome. Anxiety can cause it, but it could also be something you ate that didn't settle well like an acid type food. Also, sinus can cause the feeling because you tend to swallow a lot more than usual when your sinus are draining and this makes the esophagus more apt to have spasms that feel like a lump stuck.

I was diagnosed with esophagus spasms the first time back in my late 20's. My doctor at that time put me on a muscle relaxer but I only took it for a couple of days. Once I knew what was wrong it went away and has not really bothered me that much.

Here are some things that can help. Try chewing some tums in case it is acid indigestion. Also a warm liquid like tea helps soothe the feeling. I also take a tylenol to relax the musle in my throat at bedtime when it is acting up. Also I remember my doctor saying to try very hard not to swallow so much like trying to move it out of the way, it will only make it more agitated because there is really nothing there to move out of the way. Try not to worry it won't kill you. It's been 25years since I was first told that I had this.

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