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Hello guys and gals. Brand new here. On a quest to put myself at ease i guess..
SOOO I have had an appetite that comes and goes as it pleases for the past week now. I am actually going to the doctor for my 3 month check up including blood work (woohoo not). But yeah every time I wake up in the morning I feel anxious. Its that feeling you get before you goto a doctors office...YEAH. Its horrid cause its making me not want to eat. I am in the high middle end of the bmi so it wouldn't hurt me, but id be more comfy not losing wieght. But I didn't eat yesterday morning and then ill gorge on food in the evening. Yesterday evening i ate a hot dog, corn, french fires, an hour later a tv dinner and then an hour later 10 pc chicken mcnuggets. This afternoon i went to get ready to eat a salad from Mcdonalds and the dressing tasted like puke (and I did throw up this morning but thats because I took my vitamin and the flavor of minerals got caught in my throat and caused me to puke. Yes gross, sorry for the graphic nature. I am not fatigued, Im a little sleepy, my temp stays between 97.1-98.1, I keep thinking i have something catastrophic. I am afraid to wake up in the morning with no appetite. I think this might stem off from an anxiety attack that occurred 2 sundays ago. I started getting light headed, tunnel vision, tingly, hot flashes, I left work and i felt better. I find my appetite is usually the first thing to go. THis is also the week unto which my very first attack (which kept me out of work for a week, 2 hospital visits, and 4 doctor visits, a full blood count twice, sinus ct scan, 2 chest xrays, and 3 breathing tests...oh and 2 EKGs) Everything came back clean except the sinus cat scan which revealed a deviated septum.

to shorten this up. lol I am not eating well and im afriad it is something more. Which by reading all of your stuff I can see its not just me going through this. Like I said I just can't eat, and which i can i stuff it. I also seem to have this problem whenever i am close to getting my period. Any of you ladies exp, that? SOMEONE TELL ME IM OK!!!

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