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I used to get migraines ALOT then started taking Topamax, which helped alot. I was told that my migraines is from anxiety and stress. Then my neruologist noticed that my upper shoulders were very tight everytime I came in to see him. I started pt for this, it felt really good while I was there getting worked on, but as soon as I left and went home I would wake up just as tight as before.

Since then I moved back to my home state of Alabama, and I have been dealing with the muscle tension more. I was sent to a Rheumotolgist to rule out Lupus and other things. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia due to he muscle's always being tensed up. I started seeing a chiroprator and doing accupressure, (where no needles are involved) through this I have learned to realize when I am clenching my muscles, which is usually all the time. When I feel myself doing this I do my best to relax it (which takes some concentration). It has helped some but I have so much anxiety that I am I am constantly clenching and noise just sends my over the edge (is this from anxiety or what??) I cant stand to be around alot of noise it seems as if someone is in my ears with a megaphone and it just echo's through my head.

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