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hi, hope this helps you. i have had muscles jumping in my arm, could actually sit there & watch them, also would lie in bed & fell as if my whole body was quivering inside. then i would wake up about 3 or 4 AM with heart paps. i have had 2 stress test, ekgs, heart echo,ect...
ALL came back normal. i have had a lot ot stress the last 2 years in my life & it just kept escalating. while i was in the hospital with pancreatitis caused by gallstones lodged in the common bile duct that i was diagnosed with anxiety. i had these systoms for a year (reason for all the test) but i think this what finally pushed me into bad anxiety. they put me on lexapro 10mg, and xanax as needed. it has really helped! most days are good, but have to take a xanax at night to cope with the heart paps. until 3 years age i never hada health problem at all. i really think you have anxiety too, it affects so many areas of your body, different ones at different times. i was driving my husband crazy, he thought that i was becoming a hypocondrac, until i was diagnosed now he is much more sympathic and helpful. please ask your dr. about anxiety and read the post on these threads, they have helped me so many days when i felt like no one understood what i was going thru! good luck.

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