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Hi ladies I will try not and make this too long,I am 16weeks pregnant and was taken off my anxiety meds in early sept (xanax,paxil).Have been suffering from anxiety over the last 13yrs.
I was trying to cope but symptoms crept up about 4 weeks ago,doc said it was ok to take my xanax,so i would take 1..then this week I had a complete breakdown,had not been eating or sleeping in weeks and finally broke.
I seen my ob on wednesday and had lost 15pounds in the last month,i cried and shook uncontrollably,he got me in to see my psychiatrist and they put me back on the xanax,2-3times a day at .5mg,also 1mg of ativan if needed and put me on prozac for depression..He said if this does not work they will hospitalize me,
Has anyone else had to take meds during their pregnancy?I am worried about the dose but my doc said my baby is in more danger without me being treated and alot of pregnant women take meds and the babies have no problems.
i have had 2 pregnancies with anxiety....the first time i was on paxil but weaned myself off during the pregnancy(by my own choice)...the second one i was on klonopin and my ob told me to stop it...she then put me on zoloft for the rest of my pregnancy, i did awesome, but i will tell you that i have heard xanax, klonopin, ativan, and diazepam should not be taken during pregnancy..obviously your ob knows what they are doing but maybe look into it a little more...try to get on a ssri for long term (zoloft, prozac, lexapro)...good luck

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