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I remember now reading a post from you, when I first got diagnosed with svt, mentioning that you have it too. I'm really glad to hear that were in the very same exact boat! (kidding) By the way, how old are you? I'm 36.
I am sooo obsessed with this stupid heart issue, did you go through that at all? I know another girl in this town who just got diagnosed with svt, and it doesn't even faze her, she gets it a lot, and isn't worried, but she doesn't have anxiety and ocd and depression.
I wanted to try the Atenolol right from the beginning but she wanted me to try Inderal, because Inderal is also described for panic episodes as well as the svt, etc. I just don't like what it does with lowering my bp. It doesn't get dangerously low, just low (80/59-60) I've mostly heard really good things about Atenolol! I'm glad that it has helped you too with your heart, and no more problems, lucky you! I'm only on week 4, so maybe by week 8 I'll be doing good too.
Ok, when I got both the Lexapro and Zoloft prescriptions, they told me that it would take at least two weeks of side effects. Just so you know, I just now got off the phone with my psychologist, he called to check on me. Anyways, I asked him which one he thinks I should take, and he thinks I should try the Zoloft first. He just told me, and the pharmacist that either one will take at least two weeks of feeling yucky, IF I am to experience any, which I know I will, but that I need, and you too, need to take the Xanax or Ativan for a few weeks at least, till the side effects wear off. I know how you feel about the tiredness. I'm tired all the time too, which is a combination of the beta blocker, Xanax, anxiety and depression.
You crack me up, because you sound so much like me, I too would have done what you did, start one, stop, start another, stop and start the other again. In fact, I may end up doing it, hope not, but may. I hope that the Lexapro works for you. Now, they also told me that maximum benefits take at least 8 weeks, and you said you made it to 8 weeks, so I would suggest that after you've been on it again for awhile, ask the Dr. about going up in dose. I too hate meds, but I think that is a common anxiety phobia. Let me know how you feel tomorrow since taking the Lexapro. I just took my last dose of antibiotic, so tomorrow will take my Zoloft. I'm already scared, haha. I'm sure I'll have changed my mind on meds at least 10 times by then.
Take Care, Michelle

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