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[QUOTE=tgrose]Xanax made me very anxious when I first started taking it. I had to go down to 5 mg/day just to work up to 10 mg/day. It made me sweat, gave me more panic.....but after one week it leveled out and I feel great. It really helps but it did take a few days to get used to it and see the full affect.
Good luck.[/QUOTE]
Man, that is a lot of Xanax to start with. Why did your doctor prescribe so much? The max that the drug company recommends for anyone is 10 mg, so that is kind of scary and it is an addictive drug. I only ask because I found relief from most if not all of my anxiety at 2mg per day as opposed to 5-10. I would seriously consider lowering your dosage if you can so that you don't have to deal with the horrible withdrawl someday or become seriously addicted.

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