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Hey there, well it's much better as far as side effects. I don't have any anymore. I too still have the anxiety, although today was not as bad. My days are like yours, the better and worse thruought the day. My huge problem is I got my days and nights backwards, so for me, maybe I might need to take my pill in the morning. I am going to bed at midnight and getting up all thru the night and at 6am I am WIDE awake, and then about 8am to noon I am sleepy and sometime take a nap. Then around 4pm to 9pm I am full of LOTS of energy. Mornings are still really rough for me. I wake up still anxious, so I'm hoping it will soon fade. I read on anothers post that someone believes that SSRI's can cause tachycardia and palpitations, and I hope that won't happen with me, because my whole anxiety is over my heart condition. But I guess I will just have to wait and see. I think for me I really needed something to help me cope, I just hope this is the right drug. I really don't want to take it for two months and then have to switch to something new. I read that a lot on here, where people have to switch different meds before they find the right drug. I couldn't imagine starting over.
I am seeing a psychologist. I don't like going, to be honest, and I have to take a Xanax before I go. I feel like it's a huge waste of my money to go talk about how crappy I feel. He thought that was funny. He wants me to come weekly until I get some of my panic out of the way. So far I don't feel much from him, but he did say for me it was going to take some time because I obviously have a huge anxiety problem. He is hoping the Lexapro will work too so it can help me calm down to where I can let him help me too. I hope you like your counselor.
Off to bed for now, where I can lay and stare at the ceiling, haha. I'm glad your sticking thru this, as well as me! Talk to you later. Michelle

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