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Hey Kathy--I'm here !!!
Sorry the other Remeron thread was closed- probably my fault for getting off topic.
Well I am up to 30 mgm on the Remeron-- it's probably about a month now or close to it. At the weirdest times I am finding myself saying"something is better"- like when I'm driving- I'm more at ease driving, naturally -the way it's suspposed to feel. No big anxiety over left hand turns at traffic lights. Now I'm not tackling expressway type traffic or long distance , but locally I'm not as panicky as I was. I was more tired when I first upped to 30 mgm. but I'm ok with that now-- got by on 6 hours of sleep last night & went straight through today & another late night.
Appetite- still craving & thanksgiving has done me in- this has to stop.

My biggest anxiety now is - how will I ever get off these meds? Like if I forget my Buspar & it's a little late, I notice I start feeliong a little weird- I can't imagine what thw weaning off these meds will be. I fear being right back where I was or worse-- I fear that they will completely stop working.

Kathy-- I'd say why not try upping to 30 mgm ? My p-doc insisted on last visit that 30 mgm was the minimum effective dose-- minimum !
You've tried this much & you really don't know how you will be on the minimum effective dose, right?
And as for the lack of appetite- it still may be due to the anxiety/depression because you are guessed it....not taking the minimum effective dose. I think you should try & give it a few more weeks.
If your appetite doesn't begin to imporve & you are still worried, get an appt with a GI doc- maybe ask about a gastrc emptying study- if it's slow that can make you feel full all of the time.
Since you have not lost weight-- don't let your mind go to scary places. Remember I went down to 103 and was eating at least 2000 calories per day ( forcing) and continuing to lose weight-- now that was scary!!!!! And they found nothing wrong-- my metabolism was just pumped up from anxiety.I am now hitting 115 & now I want to lose 5 pounds- go figure !!!

Glad to fine you again :wave: You too ICC- are you doing ok with just the Klonopin? Do you take it on a regular schedule or just as needed ?

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