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Well where do i begin....about 2 months before schooll i wasn't feeling well at all....very cold and just not feeling right....I went to school anyways...throughout the day i had about three major dizzy spells where the whole room was spinning ...when it happened the third time i was walking with my friend through a store and said my face went from really red to white in seconds then it happpened.....i started shaking, having hot and cold flashes, feeling very disoriented, heart racing very fast, unexplainable feeling. My friend took me to the hospital and i couldnt walk so the paramedics had to wheelchair me in....when they were wheeling down the hallway in the hospital it felt like i was on a boat!! like the ground underneath me was swaying up and down, i thought i was going to die! they did a blood test and blood pressure test, checked my heart and a urnine test i waiting for 7 hours!!! then the doctor told me i had a epoisde! so i went home and rested ....the problem is, is that i havent been well since everutime i walk i feel soo off balanced and very disoriented, it has not gone away since, its constant. Note that i have never ever felt like before and am a very socialable person. I went to my doctor(not a very good doctor) and explained everything to her...she said that doesn't know and shell send me to a ear doctor to check if its that, i have a appoinment on the 5th. I have tryed to go places its and its gotten worse , happens all over again, i really been anywhere in the last two months and am sooooo soo scared to go anywhere, now even to the doctor's in fear it might happen again....does this sound like anxiety?? O yea blurred vision, muslce pains and constant headaches i also been having. Whatever this is its a horrible thing and pray its not anixety!!!
any thoughts would be much appreciated!!:)

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