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does anyone take magnesium for their anxiety, specifically if they get PVCs? how much do you take and is it helping? i am starting 600mg a day, as my nutritionist told me stress chews up magnesium so we need well over the supposed RDI
I've heard this about magnesium.

As matter of fact a lady I work with and I were just discussing the benefits of magnesium a couple of days ago.

I'm going to get on it because it is suppose to be good for your muscles and to prevent spasms. It's very good for your heart which is a muscle.
Hello, I take magnesium for my pac's and pvc's. It sometimes will help decrease them, but for me it does not take them away. It does nothing for my anxiety either. Try it tho, you may have better success. Good luck. Michelle
I take magnesium 500 mg a day. It has helped a lot with my anxiety during PMS. The anxiety isn't gone but definitely better. I had been having a lot of palpitations before I started the magnesium and I haven't had any since I started. However, I have times when I get them a lot and then I won't have them for a while so I don't know if the magnesium really stopped them or not.
Along with magnesium you should be taking caclium, they work together. The calcium should be twice the magnesium so 500/250, etc. Also, if your potassium is out of whack you'll get frequent pvc's and pac's so everything really works together. Aslo coenzymeQ10 is suppose to be excellent for regulating and strengthening the heart in addition to green tea(extract or the regular tea but with the tea you'd need 10 cups a day for any real benefits). B complex is also a good thing as some of the B's help with the workings of the heart. I'd do some research. I personally take a high potency vit/min with coenzymeQ10, 2 calcium, magnesium with added zinc and vit D, 2 flax oil caps with ALA, Vit E, green tea extact, garlic caps and a packet of Emergen'C which supplies 1000mg vit c plus the B vitamins. I still have pvc's but not nearly as many, plus I just generally feel better.

Good luck!
I take about 500mg magnesium a day and I see a difference. Like Nuttygirl, I use other stuff too, like coenzyme Q10 and EmergenC. EmergenC packets are great for keeping your electrolytes up. Just a word of caution, if you are taking a beta-blocker medication, don't take a potassium supplement by itself because beta-blockers cause the body to retain a little more potassium than usual. I just get a little extra potassium from the EmergenC. I also take l-carnitine and l-arginine for heart health, and I agree with the calcium suggestion also. It can get expensive, but I tend to feel better when I'm taking all my supplements. Give them some time to work, though, and do your research as far as what to take and how much to take for your particular situation.
Hi,as you know with us anxiety suffers alot is in the mind,but a young doctor told me to buy unsalted organic brazil nuts,keep them in the fridge and eat 4 a day,i am so impressed with the results i give them to hubby and children for prevention of heart disease,have tried many things but this is really working,i have been eating them for about 5 weeks now and gradually tha palpitations are reducing both in frequency and strength.
Hmmm. What everyone is saying is really interesting. I have skipped heartbeats and SVT. Recently I was told my potassium was really low (only finding during routine blood work) It was 3.0 when the normal is 3.5. +. I started to take in more potassium, and was retested two weeks later at 3.3. I still am trying to get it up higher...but I never knew it could be linked to my hear issues. I am def, going to start taking some mag and pot supplements, since you guys say they may work. Does anyone else have low potassium?
Yes, I take Magnesium OK daily and double the dose every day for a week before my period. I combine this with Starflower Oil (which I also double for a week before, though it tells you not to...) and I have found the two together help generally with anxiety and PMS anxiety. It took many many years for me to get this dose right for myself! I doubt I have low potassium now because I eat loads of fruit and veg, but at the beginning of my illness I am sure I had low potassium because I wasn't eating that well. Truly believe we are what we eat (at least as far as the body is concerned, and in part the mind too:blob_fire
[QUOTE=mbright12]Does anyone else have low potassium?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I do. Low potassium is a cause of SVT. Last time I was in the ER with SVT my potassium was 2.7, which is really low. They prescribed me some kind of potassium pill which brought my levels back up to normal within a week.

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