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Hello,i am 24 y/o female who was recently prescribed lorazepam 1mg (only 10 pills) because recently I went to the ER for asthma related issues and the next day I had to go to the doctor because I was still having difficulty breathing and leg shaking, etc. and the doctor said that it was in part to my asthma and also prescribed me lorazepam to calm me down and told me to take them as i needed them, I've only taking three since thursday but I'm wondering if there is anything I should do to curb this anxiety before it gets out of control. I do not want to be on a permanent prescribtion ( i never take otc medicine for anything either). Please help!!! if there is anyone who has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!
It may be anxiety. You are at the right age, unfortunately. I was 25 when it started for me. I was doing everything the same as always and just had a panic attack. I thought that the doc was a quack when he told me that and gave me the ativan. I had never had any problems like that before. But they continued after that and I was given xanax from my primary care doc. It didn't help. He gave me lexapro (and by that point I had been dealing with the anxiety for a couple of weeks and was willing to try anything). I had a bad reaction though and was ready to commit myself but then another doc gave me ativan and paxil and by that afternoon (thanks to the ativan) I was almost myself again. I continued with the paxil and only used the ativan when I needed it - which was never - and that was the answer.
With your other health conditions it is hard to say what is causing what. But don't worry about taking meds, if you have to. Do what is best for you and the quality of your life. For me, that was meds. I wish you the best

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