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I have dealt with anxiety/panic attacks and agoraphobia (at times) since 1999. I have been through many Dr's and tried nearly every medication that they threw at me........ now I know that what may have totally been an awfull med for me [I]just may[/I] be the one that works for someone else so I don't want to discourage anyone from trying something that I hated, or on the other hand make something I took and tolerated well seem like a "wonder drug" [B][U]because there aren't any[/U][/B]:blob_fire I too started out with 6mgs per day of Ativan,then Klonipin was [U]added[/U] at up to 8mgs per day,both of these being narcotics, I was also interested in finding [U]something[/U] that I could exist on without feeling miserable that wasn't a narcotic.Because the tolerance level being reached faster than expected for some,you may max out on your dose and then you're out of luck if that happens-there are dosing peramiters(sp??-sorry) for a reason...
I tried [U]all[/U] the SSRI's (like Paxil),Neurontin,Busbar,Topamax,Lamictal,Depakote,& even more things that aren't usually tried for panic/anxiety disorders like Abilify/Seroquel. Some of the above helped at first but not even close to enough, and others were so bad that I don't care to share details except one in particular landed me in the Psych ward....... [B][I]That was fun[/I][/B]:dizzy: I did finally land on ONE - A "Tricyclic Antidepressant" called Nortriptyline. You're probebly thinking the same thing that I was when it was sugested to me.... I'm not depressed you idiot !!!!!!! Tricyclics are "old school", and can be used whether or not [B]anxiety[/B] is your sole issue because it works on both your "happy brain chemicals" (that may be way too high/hense the anxiety) and the other side that can cause depression... kind of a brain chemical balancing intervention, as one doc told me. It worked wonders for me, I had so much trouble eating that my weight had gotten down to a little over 70 lbs. After taking it for about a 6 months I was actually feeling pretty good, there [I]can be [/I]alot of fiddling around with the dose to get it right for each persons needs,but not usually [U]that[/U] long. I was just happy to finally find something that didn't make me sick to my stomach -FINALLY-.
I don't take it anymore due to another medication I have to take that you can't combine it with. Now I'm back to where whoever started this is.. the narcotic battle:jester: I have a steady diet of Librium (200mgs per day- it is a VERY high dose, most doc's freak out when I tell them my dose and figure that I'm either wrong or lying until I pull out the bottle) and Clonidine (.4mgs per day). Librium is in the same family of medications as Ativan and Klonipin, it just has a longer "half-life"- meaning it stays in your system longer than the others, and Clonidine is for high blood pressure, but can be used for anxiety and other things as the doc's see needed-my son is Autistic and takes it when he needs to calm down.Also Clonidine is NON narcotic.

I hope that this helps, there is always therapy, but you have to be willing to accept therapy, I've talked to many people (with various issues) who say "therapy doesn't work:mad: ". When in fact I found for myself that it is kind of like loosing weight or quitting smoking [B][I]YOU have to want it to work[/I][/B] or it might not. It didn't for me at least, until I changed doc's [U]and[/U] my attitude. There is also cognitive re-training, and a few self help type relaxation programs. I can't say that the one advertised on late night infomercials is anything that helped me,it actually just made me go running for my "PRN" Ativan, but it might help someone else who is reading this. You never know unless you try right:rolleyes:

Boy do I wish that there was a fix all out there and that I could be back to [B][I]my normal self[/I][/B] - Outgoing,"the life of the party",take of on a simple weekend trip, or even a trip to the grocery store without getting all worked up over it until all I can do is PRAY that I can escape the madness and take a nap..that is my "happy" or "safe" place [B]A NAP[/B] I'm 34, and my goal of the day is to fall asleep so I don't have to deal with the world while my 2 teenagers are at school. I'm sooooo [U]not[/U] proud of that but it is the truth, it's not that I'm tired- I just want to escape - I don't know if anyone else feels this way.

Best wishes and feel better:angel:

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