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teacher2be- the Lexapro is allright, I guess I'm the same as you, the depression is gone, but the anxiety, panic and ocd are still there. It comes and goes thruought the day. Wish it was better too. My stomache is feeling a tiny better, but hey, I'll take anything. I started the Xanax again, so I wonder if it is helping the pain. I guess it very well could be IBS, because Xanax is what I use when my IBS gets real bad, it helps relax things. I keep trying to remember your experience when you thought your ibs was gallbladder, so that I don't freak out over things.

dinney- I actually am on a beta blocker, not calcium channel blocker. My Dr. said that they do the calcium channel blockers only after the bb's dont work, or if there is a specific reason why they would do that one first. My blood pressure actually went lower at first, and now is back to normal. I hope you get yours corrected soon. There are so many meds out there to try, so if this one doesn't suit you, don't give up. That is weird that your having high bp, but remember, high bp is caused by anxiety too. My ER costs the same, and yes, there are places in the other towns that have walk in clinics, but I guess I'll just wait until I am keeling over before I go in. I hate going to Dr.'s as it is. Good luck to you as well!! Let me know what your Dr. says. Michelle

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