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I don't know much about BB's, but I have taken many different types of antidepressants all of which caused major side effects including anxiety in many different forms, so it is really difficult to tell the difference. In fact, it is probably impossible. A good rule of thumb that I used is take the medicine for 2 weeks and see how you feel after 2 weeks. If you are feeling worse than when you started then the meds are probably not for you. I am sure someone will argue that some meds take weeks to work fully, but I argue, that if within two weeks you aren't back to the same level of anxiety you had before the pill, then stop there and move on to a new one.

I never did find an anidepressant that worked and still remain on 2 mg of Xanax per day for anxiety. It has virtually no side effects, but I do have some rebound anxiety every once and awhile. Nothin compared to how I felt before the meds. I would go through cycles where I would be really anxious for months and then break down and cry because I couldn't take it anymore. Feel better for a day and then repeat the cycle over again. It was no way to live. Anyway, everyone is different, but I would suggest you at least take a Benzo to get you through your first two weeks of any new drug. Especially SSRI's and from the previos post maybe BB's as well. Could help. Then stop the Benzo if you are worried about addiction.

Good luck.

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