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Hope you're out there.
I am thinking about askinmg my p-doc to wean me off of the Remeron. Don't know what to do about the Buspar, but obviously one change at a time would be wise.
Yes, I am still eating my Edy's Slow Churned in ridiculous amoiunts & gaining more weight. I dread mentioning this to the doc- I am now 115- 116, which I know is not obese, but I am uncomfortable, can't fit in any clothes and I think I am retaining fluid which I read could be a side effect. I am 5'2" and very small frame so a 13 lb weight gain is alot & very noticable. I just feel this is going to keep spiraling out of control. Now she will say to eat carrot sticks and also she will say according to her little palm pilot thingy that I can weigh up to 135 lbs-- NOT !!
I've had some more difficulties and scares with health issues & that is not helping matters. Just feeling more down, & definately having those horrid feelings of anxiety & like panic is creeping in. I try to get a hold of it but as you know it is such a bad feeling, like I want to peel my skin off.

Well, just hoping you are out there & wondering how you guys are doing & what you have done about the Remeron.


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