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hi ill start by saying im by no means cured,i have read alot of post about do meds work, meds do help some and cause more trouble for mother and grandmother has anxiety,my dad had depression,is it in my genes??maybe?? what im getting at is perhaps this is my defect, for some its blindness, others wheelchair bound......what do we do? i have a succesful friend who gave me lucinda bassets anxiety program "which did not help me",the box was dusty and the pprwork had his name on it,i could'nt beleive he had anxiety,as we talked he said there was no big names in the old days like gad or agoraphobia and the medical field didnt offer ssri's or other meds, which to this day he is anti-med, he eats right,uses the natural approach and exercises.he said he knew he had a problem as a child and learned to accept it as part of him,like most say faced his fears!!he said he tried to fight it as a teen but it only got worse creating more fear and dispair.i have had my problem for 5-6 years and i do have to take klonopin on my bad days. i have lost so much to anxiety/depression even down to my job,home,land and vehicles not counting the years i missed with my daughter and wife.i was house bound for many months this year but i am trying to go out, i started going out to eat on occasions,trips to the post office,even to the race track with my mentioned friend but he always ask at the spur of the moment, he knows if he ask days in advance ill talk myself out of it.i guess doing is the key to freedom.i was never agorophobic until i lost my job earlier this year.if you dont work get out of that house regardless of how you feel, do something other than dwell or thinking, diagnosing, researching,asking yourself questions with no answers,laying in bed ect..because your digging a deeper hole of pity. i know first hand its no joke. when someone ask how are you today, say great!!! instead of like i would have said "like crap",what you think about when you wake in the morning can set you up for a bad day, "here we go again!! or i feel bad" we are anticipating the bad because we have felt bad for so long its become automatic.i also found changing daily routine helps,instead of laying in bed when you wake up, get right up and hit the shower or go outdoors for a walk,just make changes,a old buddy of mine said when he broke his right arm the hardest thing he could do was wipe himself with his left hand after a bathroom visit actually he got good at it after practice, same with putting on your shoes,socks or pants,if you notice you have a method rt or left first,we are creatures of habit as with our minds.i beleive what has helped me most is simple changes of doing!!i got a long way to go and the meds do help but there will be a time when we may not be able to continue our depression/anxiety started with a single out the blue with panic attack,yes it was a stressful point in my life and it was probley natural due to the overwhelming stress that year,the doctors said it was anxiety and stress related but i couldnt accept it and figured it was a stroke or something they missed, so in 6 years i have had many er visits,saw many specialist spent more money on medical books, i consumed myself with my health,even though the panic attacks left, my quest snowballed to where i am now. i would go to the dr and he would test me for tb or some disease and sure enough i would spend my time in a book or online confirming my symptoms with the disease he was testing for instead of putting my valued time some where else only to find out the test was if you are new with anxiety or panic or depression and have been tested for other possible causes accept it, take the course of meds and move along.i sure wish i could go back in time to the day i was dx with anxiety and rethought my actions, would it have snowballed as it did??

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