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I am looking for some advice/answers. Three years ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression and prescribed fluoxetine, 20mg per day. I find the anti-depressants very effective.

Possibly as a result of my depression and other negative life experiences.

In March, of this year, I experience what has been diagnosed as a severe panic attack. I didn't know what it was at the time and after several other attacks and tests at the hospital, I was told it was anxiety. I was not prescribed any different drugs or any other form of treatment. At the time I was very stressed as I was doing my finals at University. The inital attack was triggered after a night of binging on drink. Further attacks proceeded to be triggered by being tired, caffiene, and hang overs. They were especially acute during my exams but they practically disappeared once they had finished.

Over the past few months I have cleaned up my act. I don't smoke anymore I get exercise and eat and sleep well. I occasionally drink wine at the weekends. I feel calm and happy. I feel that I would like to try to come off the anti-depressants, gradually.

The only problem I have is that after I have had a few glasses of wine, the next day I usually experience strong feelings of anxiety or have a full blown panic attack. Does anyone know why this is when I otherwise feel fine and do not experience anxiety at any other time?

The feelings of anxiety last all day until I sleep at night and the next day I feel fine. Does anyone experience this too? Why does it happen? Have I messed up the chemistry in my brain so much that it can't cope anymore? Is it the anti-depressants? (It never happened prior to being on them) Will I always get them after I have drank? Does it mean I have to give up alcohol?

Thank you for any advice. I don't seem to be able to find these answers with either my Doctor or on the internet.

Many thanks.
Well, you're really not supposed to drink on any of these antidepressants. It can cause other side effects, and the alcohol is probably mixing with your meds and rendering them less effective, hence why you're having an attack. PLus, once you get it in your head that I had an attack after drinking, you can make yourself help having them. My advice is to either stop drinking or do so in moderation. Have a glass of wine, and that's it, and see how things go teh next day. But, if you convince yourself that the attack is impending, it will be.

[QUOTE=Stargazer_lilly]But does anyone know why this happens?[/QUOTE]

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