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I can only tell you about Xanax since that is all I take. It is an amazing anti-anxiety drug from the Benzo family of drugs. It works very quick within 15 minutes. Quicker on an empty stomach. I used to have horrible anxiety every day and I would wake up every morning with a stomach ache. Xanax has almost completely eliminated both. For the first 3 days I was a little drowsy and every time I increased my dose from there I was also a little drowsy, but the drowsiness goes away. Other than that I have experienced no side effects from that drug and most will tell you that there are very few side effects.

The only problem is that if you take it long term you need to beware that your body will build up a dependancy to it. So, when and if you decide to stop taking it, you will have to do so very gradually so that you don't have withdrawl from the drug. Also, it doesn't do anything for long term anxiety, so when you stop taking it expect to still have anxiety dissorder. If you quit cold turkey you could have really bad side effects that could land you in a hospital, so don't quit without a doctor's help and make sure that you taper off very slowly over a long period of time.

I will probably take it for life because it is the only drug that I have found that actually decreases my anxiety. Antidepressants only made things worse for me. It is not addictive, you will not build up a tolerance once you reach your specific dose, so don't worry about having to take more and more. You will have to increase initially to get to that specific dose if you are going to take it long term. Most of the time the doctor will use it to combat the initial anxiety that the antidepressant will produce as a short term fix. However, if you read up about how it was designed to be used, that is not it and you may find yourself weaning off Xanax and sticking with an SSRI or other drug that doesn't make you feel any better.

I have heard some good things about Lexapro, but there has been more negative feedback than positive from my perspective.

I would suggest you try it and if you don't feel better within a few weeks consider and change of plans. Medication is 99% trial and error, so it may take some time to find a combo that works for you.

Take care.

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