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If I could turn back the hands of time I never would have started taking Xanax and would give serious thought to upping your dosage to 3mg from the low dose you were taking. I myself was agoraphobic then was prescribed 3mgs of Xanax and actually became a functioning employed person. Things went great for about 5 years. It was in no way a wonder drug but my panic attacks for the most part stopped. I became unemployed and slowly the panic attacks came back. We moved and the panic attacks came back full force. I was taking 3mg of Xanax but still became agoraphobic again.

I figured I just needed a dosage adjustment. I was taking the 3mg’s for so long and the stress of living in a new city it made sense to me. I figured I get an adjustment and I should be instantly well like I was before. My new doctor put me on 4 mg of Xanax XR. It didn't work out as I thought. I feel slightly better. I’ve been taking the increase a few months now. I get out some and was going to small stores. I still don’t work and haven't even applied for a single job. About a week ago I was in a small store and it hit me. A very major panic attack. It’s so depressing I feel I’m back at square one where I started years ago only now I’m addicted to a medication that is doing some but not close to enough good. I’m afraid I just built up a tolerance to it and don't want to go higher on the dosage because the past increase did little good.

If you were having severe panic attacks that make you unable to function I would say you have very few choices and go with taking the higher dosage. But if you are able to be gainfully employed and function with anxiety the higher dosage is not worth it.

We all have different body chemistries and medications of coarse affect us all differently. For instance so many people swear by SSRI’s but I have never been able to tolerate them. I’m very surprised by the post that says “As far as addiction, they're not as hard to beat as you think! ! I have beat these benzos (Xanax) a hundred times with no problems!” It’s not that easy at least for me. Expect rebound anxiety even if you wean or even miss a dose. This rebound anxiety side effect is said to even stay with those who get off Xanax 100% for about a year. Rebound anxiety is horribly worse then the original anxiety you started with. It’s a good idea doing a search about it.

It’s worth finding out as much as you can about the negative side of long term 3mg Xanax use before you start. To quote “Steve1” post again “I will say; welcome to the roller coaster bro... “ I say “Its not easy to get off a roller coaster once it starts“

If you are only going to take it short term until your stressors are gone that sounds rather safe though. Good Luck.

I am unfortunately aware of the rebound anxiety and will definitely keep myself in check with the drug. I am so paranoid about taking anything that I am surprised I got this far.

I recently took Xanax XR and found that it didn't work for me nearly as well as the regular Xanax. You may want to look into going back to 4 mg of the regular Xanax. It has a shorter half like, but it is much stronger. I was taking 2 mg of Xanax XR and it was not nearly as effective as 2 mg regular and the regular stuff is much cheaper. Give it a shot and see if that works for you.

Are you still on the Xanax now or did you taper off? If you aren't on it anymore are you taking anything? Since we share a severe reaction to SSRI's, that is out of the question, so what do you do now? How do you handle the anxiety? Also, did you know that with panic dissorder with agoraphobia the recommended dosage is between 4 and 10 mg per day? I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount and it is, but maybe it is necesarry in your case.

I hope all is well with you either way.

Take care,

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