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:wave: Hello Nabyou;

Just found your post from earlier today. Hope you are recovering well from your attack.

You asked if anyone had experienced the same symptoms as you did. I don't do the shaking but, most people do I think. My blood pressure does go way up and if I let attack get out of control I start a panting type breathing and get very very dizzy and weak. Sometimes, I go thru hot and cold flashes. lol one time I was freezing from waist up and burning up from waist down. Now that was a first.

Everyone is different. One thing is for sure they are scarey and they will set your adrenalin off and running which compounds the whole situation.

I know you must have felt like you were going to die but you didn't and you never will die from a panic attack. Honest!

There is a very good book that you would find comforting and very beneficial in dealing with panic by Dr. Claire Weeks called "Hope and Help For Your Nerves". You should pick up a copy and keep it at your side. You'll love it and it will set you on the road to recovery. I bought the paperback for only about $7.00. Most book stores carry the book.

Hang in there and good luck!

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