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[QUOTE]Also ask any psychiatrist about benzos (Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, etc.) and they'll tell you that they're just alcohol in a pill form because they depress the central nervous system as well. Eventually, after a month or so they'll stop working and you'll just want a higher dose and it just gets worse, they put you on a different one and it's the same process until you've taken them all. A couple of doctors I've seen and a rehab therapist even said Benzos are the worst drugs in the world when it comes to withdrawal (worse than any street drug or any prescription). I've been off of Benzos for months and I feel like [/QUOTE]

These are not true statements for everyone. I personally had no problem quitting alcohol and Benzo's do not have the same tolerance building problem that alcohol does. Benzo's actually reach a point where taking more has no added effect, so there is a point where you need no more Benzo's. If you ask any psychiatrist who has experience with panic dissorder he will tell you that Benzo's are the only thing out there now that works. I have been taking them for months and have stabalized at 2-2.5 mg of Xanax. In fact most of the time I can take even less and I have a prescription for 3 mg per day, so addiction is not a problem for me. I ramped for 2 months and the last few months I have been on the same dose. Many others on this board have also had great experiences with Benzo's as well. I believe that they may not work for you, but don't scare others into thinking it may not work for them.

Benzo's do have a withdrawl issue which can be alleviated by tapering instead of quitting cold turkey. You should never quit taking Benzo's cold turkey, but they have minimal to no side effects and are just as dependency forming as any other SSRI or antidepressant. Read some of the posts of people coming off of some of the SSRI's and you quickly learn that they are not a joke either and must be tapered off as well.

Some people need drugs for the rest of their life. I, unfortunately, am one of them, so let's not make generalizations about drugs unless you have a sample size of greater than one.

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