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can anxiety cause scary physical symptoms like limb pains, chest pains, weak feeling, cramping through whole body, stiff body (legs,arms,stomach), allergies, gagging feeling, stomach cramping, sick to your stomach, weird surges in body..
i do have anxiety i know that, i can recongize when i feel light headed, shaky and paniced, but i was just wondering if the symptoms i listed can be anxiety related because this is a daily basis thing and i am worried i'm gonna drop dead! can anyone relate here or should i be looking other places for an answer but i really dont know what to do, i've had a cat scan and it was fine, i feel like my doctor is gonna blow me off like its not serious because it is! it is wrecking my [B]quality of life[/B] i consider that serious no matter what it is!(i am only 18) so i dont know what to do i feel like i'm stuck in this crazy circle and i cant get out because no one has any answers to me and my mom has basically decided i'm ok ever since my cat scan so she doesnt seem in any big rush to help me here but i bet she would be if she was the one with all this daily pain and fear of the unknown or if something was seriously wrong that is being looked over. if this is anxiety i would def. seek some help, i just need someone to prove it to me.

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