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I have been on Celexa since September - started on 5mg and have gradually gone to 30mg. until recently I have had no side effects. I am so tired now and am having some break through anxiety here and there. My derealization has come back along with dizziness. I have been using the Linden Method which was a life saver for me. It totally worked until recently when my fogginess (derealization) started again.

My question is this.... can side effects creep up after taking an SSRI for a few months. I went 30mg about 3 weeks ago. I tried the 40 for 2 weeks but it was to strong. I felt very heady like (if that makes sense to you all) so he put me back to 30mg. I take 10 in the morning and 20 at dinner time.

I would like to come off everything and see if I really need the SSRI but not sure if that is smart. I have read in some of the posts that people have switched SSRIs and do not have to wait the 6 weeks for it to kick in. If I go off completely and need one I will have to start this whole process over.

What are your thoughts on questions? I would greatly appreciate your adise.

Thank you for respondng.

I have been off Klonopin for over 3 months. I was on 20mg of Celexa for a while and i felt a bit anxious do he put me to 30mg. He also increased my dose because I was still haveing derealization. now I don;t know if I want to stay on it. I loved klonopin but became depressed after a while. One of the reasons why I went on Celexa. I am sure Xanax is my next step if he takes me off Celexa.

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