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I've heard that sometimes when you take the same med again it doesn't work as well. When I tried Lexapro for the second time (and a third) it didn't work at all. Imipramine did work, but I needed 450 mgs instead of 400. What did your doctor say?
I've been on Effexor twice for 4 months each time,probably 6 months between, at 75mg dosage. I know the first time I started noticing a difference within a week.The second time,I think it was slightly longer.
If you've only been off it 2 months, you probably won't notice so much change as it's probably still in your body somewhat, depending on how long you were on it the first time. The improvement may be more gradual.
I personally didn't like the side effects and as I wasn't severely depressed I'm trying to get by without meds by trying to manage the underlying causes.
Some days are better than others but if I do have to go back on meds in the future, I think I'll give Lexapro a go, it seems to be most tolerable I hear.
Good luck and try to stick it out a bit longer. You may find you need a higher dose this time.

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