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Re: The best SSRI?
Jan 2, 2007
Well, they all work in a similar fashion, but they are all pretty different and come with their own list of side effects. This is why it can be very difficult to actually come up with a med that works for you in a short period of time. It may take months of trial and error or even years before you find one that works because SSRI's take at least 4 weeks to demonstrate their true effectivity. Unfortunately, the side effects come much sooner and I have never lasted long enough to see whether any may work for me long term. Don't be fooled into thinking that SSRI's aren't just as bad as Benzo's in the dependancy category either. Paxil and Effexor have caused some pretty nasty withdrawl symptoms in people that rival that of any Benzo and may be even worse. Buspar is a relatively weak and side effect free anti-anxiety medication that may help you. I was never very fair and didn't give it a chance either but I never got any horrible side effects from it, however, it is definitely not as effective as the Benzo's in treating anxiety. Drugs are a tough decision and you may want to look at it from the perspective of the constantly medicated. These things aren't usually temporary. Anxiety dissorder doesn't usually just go away with time. There is an 85% chance of relapse in anxiety patients which is ridiculously high, so permanant drugs is probably going to be part of a long term solution. There are other things to try first though.

Quite smoking, drinking, any drugs including caffeine (big one)
eat well
exercise (really helps)
meditate or CBT

Kava Kava
B complex vitamins

These things may help you and are worth trying first, but if all else fails, then medication may be your only solution and will require some real soul searching. And the help of a doctor who doesn't just see you as another person with anxiety, but wants to help you personally. Find someone who is willing to sit down with you and explain the side effects of the medicine and has experience with your particular anxiety dissorder.

Good luck,

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