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Re: Buspar help
Dec 31, 2006
I don't think there are a lot of people on Buspar in these boards, I know when I have asked about it I got very few replies.

I take 30mg. a day total broken into 4 doses, 10/5/10/5. Fifteen years ago I took the Buspar by Brystol Myers, the original and only had to take 15mg. a day to get results. I have to take the gerneric now, Buspirone, because insurance will not pay for the Buspar brand. After almost 5months of fooling around with 15mg. a day I finally found a board where everyone was just discussing buspar and most members were saying how unhappy they were with the generic brand saying it was not working as well. I just increased my dosage to 30mg. a day 3 weeks ago after discussing the problem with my doctor and was doing really well up to Christmas, although after 2 weeks at 30 I went back to 20 to see what would happen and I think that is why I started to feel bad again after Christmas. I'm back to 30mg. a day again and already I am feeling better. I guess what I'm trying to say here is make sure you take enough especially if you are taking the generic or it won't work.

It can take several weeks before it starts to work, depending on what dose you are able to start with and how quickly you can increase.

I have had no side effects at all except a little increased anxiety when I first went on, but if you start low and increase a little at a time this should not be a big problem and that side effect went away.

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