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Hi everyone. Your posts inspired me to write about my experience to see if anyone has had any similar symptoms. I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder three years ago (senior year of college). I started on Xanax as needed and was eventually coaxed by my doctor to go onto Zoloft. I eventually switched to Paxil (approx. on this for the last 4 months) with Klonopin for any specific anxiety attacks. Not really sure if what I have could even be considered anxiety attacks. The exact same thing has been happening for the past three years and all of the doctors I have visited seem stumped... I appreciate anyone's help if they have any insight..
I will go out drinking with my friends and get home and settle into bed. I awake approximately 2 - 3 hours after going to bed with my head pounding, my body shaking, feeling nauseous and extremely anxious. I would think that this was a general hang over except for the fact that I can't fall back asleep... I begin to get hysterical - crying, making myself vomit, having thoughts of suicide, feeling generally crazy because the same thoughts run through my head continuously. The thoughts mostly center around me embarassing myself but it really depends on the night. The weird thing is that I usually know that I haven't done anything to make myself embarassed but for some reason I can't stop feeling guilty - like I did something REALLY REALLY bad. I have even taken to writing myself notes before I go to bed saying, "You did nothing to embarass yourself tonight!" But, the attacks continue as I rationalize that I wrote those notes when I was drunk and I am sure that someone heard me say something that was stupid. The only thing that has makes me feel better is to talk to friends / family or take a benzo.

I am thinking that perhaps they are stress induced but I'm not sure. The doctors have said that alcohol elevates my blood sugar and perhaps when I
fall asleep and awake later it is due to a quick drop in blood sugar. The only solution for this is to eat before I go to bed but unfortunately I have seen no change in anxiety after eating.

I know the easy solution is to say, don't drink. And I didn't drink for the past year and a half. But it gets to the point where I isolate myself because once everyone gets drunk it is really not fun to be out and sober. Since I know that this is going to continously happen I try not to drink but at my age it is difficult even to not be able to have a few drinks socially. I am going to the doctor again to begin therapy (for the second time) but I was just wondering if anyone has any type of similar experiences. Thanks and good luck - Happy New Year! :angel:

- M.

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