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Hi Scotianprincess:wave:

Yes anxiety/panic can make you sick so to speak. However, you don't say in your post if you've been to a doctor and had a complete physical and bloodwork up.

I experienced my first attack appx. the same time you did and put off going to the doctor because the attacks decreased and were farther and farther in between but, I was having many physical symptoms. Was also having colds, flus, and just overall minor physical symptoms that drove me crazy for several years. Essentially, I was having the very same symptoms as you. Finally, my body said no more. I got so dizzy at work one day and hot flushes, was about on all fours, thought I was having a stroke and dying.

Long story short ~ got to doctor ~ did check up and pulled blood. Found out I had high blood pressure and LOW THRYROID. The thyroid being low (or going low for several years) had my body out of balance. It is part of your endocrinal system - so is your adrenal gland. It being low was playing havoc with my adrenalin and throwing me in to horrible panic attacks.

Very treatable. Please let us know if you've seen doctor. If you haven't seen one please be sure to do that. A great deal of anxiety/panic is caused from unlying physical problems. Other times it is caused from nerves and emotions. You have to know which it is in order to treat it.

Good luck - keep us posted.

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