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Thanks OE!

I quit drinking Feburary 10, 1992 so I do have an anniversary coming up soon. I have a prescription for Xanax and I take it as needed, usually when I fly, even thought I fly twice a week, I still get anxious about it... but I often wonder if I like the xanax too much to become okay with flying (know what I mean?). I'm a bit afraid to take the xanax everyday since I am a recovering alkie. :blob_fire I don't have the nausea too bad this morning, so is it the change from celexa to cymbalta (I only took that starting yesterday) or is it the fact that I'm off work the next two weeks? :eek: I did get up late again today, but it is Sunday, and I didn't feel like I couldn't get out of bed, I just wanted to stay in bed. :)

I'm afraid to just stop ADs so I'm going to take the Cymbalta until I see the P-doc. I have a call into him to see if I can move my appt. up to this week. MY GP also wrote a script so that I can get a chest x-ray because I worry about lung cancer after smokingfor 25 years and quitting 8 months ago yesterday.

I'm just a mess, but I'm willing to work on me to get better. Thanks for this board and you all being here!!!! :angel:

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