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You are not alone. I feel that way too. I constantly feel sick but it could be different feelings from one day to the next. My stomach is always unsettled and nauseous. I get shakey, lightheaded, dizzy, achy, just general all over yucky feeling like when you have a virus. Even when I know I don't have one. My problem is that I am obsessed with illness and deathly afraid of vomitting. I believe that these fears have been the sole cause of my anxiety, and the anxiety in turn makes me physically sick. It is a never ending circle for me. I feel sick so I get anxious, I feel anxious so I get sick. I have also had the full bloodwork, and a million things checked out. I was convinced that I had ovarian cancer, and even after the test was negative I still believe that I could have it!! It is absolutely ridiculous, but that is how I operate.

This probably isn't making you feel any better, but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. It's not in your head. These physical symptoms are REAL and anxiety can manifest itself this way. The physical symptoms do NOT have to show up just during or before actual panic attacks. They can hang around all the time. And it is extremely frustrating. I am working on calming myself down somehow...but it is hard...good luck to you!!

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