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I have always suffered with a degree of anxiety, although have been better the past year. About 1 month ago, I started having a lump in my throat sensation. I know this can be a symptom of anxiety, but also in the past few weeks, I feel like my mouth gets exhausted when I talk, like all the muscles are tired. Because ALS has always been one of my concerns, I started wondering if weak muscles in my mouth/jaw could be from ALS, not anxiety. Any thoughts?
is there a reason you should be concerned about als or is that the way your anxiety manifests itself. a lump in the throat could be anxiety. if you are anxious you could be having muscle tension in your face and the muscles are already fatigued. so when you talk it doesn't take long for your mouth to feel tired. the only way to know for sure is to see a doctor. God bless you.:angel:

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