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I saw my psychologist today, and she suggested doing a weekly worksheet based on CBT. Hearing so many good things about CBT, I definitely wanted to do it. The worksheet basically has you give a situation where your anxiety struck, how you felt and what mood you were in, and then your thoughts at the time. She was telling me that these "automated thoughts" trigger anxiety, and that I will learn to replace and balance thoughts.

Then when I got home, I recalled that I've never found that thoughts trigger my anxiety (at least not knowingly). Does it work this way for everyone else? With me, it seems that anxiety just comes on it's own... it's this sudden feeling of intense worry, but I don't even really know [i]what[/i] it is I'm worried about... it's just this feeling I get. I get really nervous and shaky... and then start to feel really self-conscious and insecure. I start to sweat, rapid heartbeat, the whole nine yards... but I don't really get any negative thoughts (sometimes I do, but never until AFTER I start feeling really anxious). I feel like my anxiety causes these thoughts, and not the other way around... so I kind of feel like I have to control my anxiety directly, and not through my thoughts. Can anyone else relate to this?

I'm taking Lexapro right now... which does seem to help sometimes, but other times I don't feel any change (taking it for a month and a half so far). I'm hoping to be able to be prescribed a benzo soon (like xanax), hopefully that would help.

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